Singletrails in in the swiss alps

Switzerland is a true El Dorado for mountain bikers. No other country has such a dense network of trails or as many possibilities for bikers.  The Helvetian* single tracks in particular will make the hearts of mountain bikers beat faster. The author combed all of Switzerland in the search for the best trails. He selected the most beautiful from countless tours taken across all the cantons. Alongside a few more basic routes, this book is mainly aimed at experienced and ambitious mountain bikers who are always looking for new challenges to their skills, fitness level, and endurance. The tours for the most part feature much-desired single tracks. Alongside a short descriptive text with attractive photos, the tours are accompanied with all the practical details: getting there, detailed description of the route sections, map extracts, altitude profiles, and time required. This makes it possible to plan optimally with no nasty surprises or forced detours, and also makes this book a practical guide.

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